"QuickStrain will increase speed and efficiency without compromising accuracy. A must have behind the bar."
Mark Shultz, Legendary Champion Flair Bartender

"The Quickstrain Tin is outstanding!! We purchased and branded a large amount of the Small Perfect Pour tins to distribute to our top bartenders in San Diego. Everyone loved the shakers mostly because they save time when making a round of martinis or shots. They are also adaptable to work atany bar because the tins were designed to fit a standard pint glass."
Charlynne Rejaian, District Manager, Southern California On Premise, Pernod Ricard USA

"The Quick Strain Tin is the One that makes the difference. We love it."
Olivier Condette, Trade Development Ambassador, GRAND MARNIER

"Efficiency is a high volume bartenders’ best friend. Quick Strain gives you the edge to keep you out of the weeds."
Shaun Hayman, Stingaree

"This is one of those products that makes me wish I had invented it. The Quick Strain tins are top quality shakers that draw even more attention to the final pour of my cocktails. "
Dean Serneels, Inventor of the Flair Bottle, Flairco Inc.

"I want to thank you for getting me and my staff the Quickstrain tins. As a manager and a bartender, I'm always looking for the most efficient way to make drinks faster. We absolutely love them. Thank you so much!!"
Yami, The Sandbar

"Ice is no longer a problem with my Quick Strain Tin! Plus it saves glassware and plastic. I don’t ever want to be caught bartending without it." Carley Bernard, Bar West

"The Quick Strain Tin takes away a lot of needless time wasting. While working busy nights I save time and make more money for the bar and myself. I will use it from now on."
Dan Neifer, RT’s Longboards Grill

"I make shots and martini’s much faster. No more looking for the strainer."
Chad Olson, Typhoon Saloon

"Eliminates the ice in the pour - making me quicker and shots better for customers."
Jesse A., RT’s Longboards Grill

"I use the quick strain every night I work now. It’s fast, simple, easy to clean-up and really increases my ability to turnover orders."
Melissa P., Voyuer

"I used to hate making martini’s when I was busy. Now with Quick Strain, I still hate making martini’s, but at least it’s faster."
Geo., The Firehouse

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