'Original' Quick Strain Tin
'Original' Quick Strain Tin- has holes all the way around the top of the tin. This makes it easy for a bartender to quickly open the holes and pour fast. Some bartenders prefer the 'Original' and some bartenders say that they cannot control the stream as well so they prefer the 'Perfect Pour'. It fits the standard flair tin really well and is a great big tin.

Combo 'Original' Quick Strain Tin
Combo 'Original' Quick Strain Tin and Standard Regular tin Save with the 'Original' Quick Strain Tins Combo while enjoying the benefits. The 'Original' Quick Strain Tin and 28 oz standard Flair Tin fit together well and works great.

'New and Improved' Quick Strain Tin
It received great reviews from bar industry from around the world at the 2010 Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas at the Quick Strain Booth! Here are some of the improvements and benefits of the 'New and Improved' Quick Strain Tin: *It has More Holes which are designed to pour faster... *There is a new, never-before-seen, inside lip designed to increase control while straining... *The product is much stronger & more durable than before... *It has a smoother interior so you can scoop ice better.... *It has a good locking suction for shaking yet it is designed to release the pint glass, tin, and/or plastic cup easier... *and more...